Current Status Of Development

Documentation Generation Status


The currently implementation of headlock is an alpha version. Although it is already in production use at it must be noted that the the API is not stable yet!

The current status of the project (preliminary limitations/not yet implemented features) is shown in the following list:

  • Does not work on macOS
  • Works only with GCC/Mingw64
  • Requires LLVM
  • Does not support specifying packing of structures in C sources (#pragma pack). As workaround it is possible to specify packing on a per-C-file basis in the Testsetup.
  • No Support yet for: * enum * union * float/double * calling/mocking inline functions
  • Does not support running testsetups on external process / other machine / embdedded system


Bugreports/Pullrequests can be provided via the page of GitHub Page of the project